Ridgewood Cable is now
Net3 Internet Service Provider

(432) 563-4330
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Greenwood customers, FiberLight will be doing maintenance on 5/16/18 starting at 12:00am-6:00am, services will be down during the duration of this window.

No Data Caps on Any Internet Package!

Special Offers!

Join in on our


Need a boost to kick off a special occasion,
pick a time and start streaming.
Don’t want to pay for a higher package, but only need it for certain occasions.
Call us to boost up to 10 MBPS extra.

Customers can enjoy an additional 10 MBPS of speed.

Daily rates are $18

Weekend rates are $38

Weekly rates are $58

• Boost only for a day Monday-Thursday

• Boost only for the weekend Friday-Monday

• Boost for the week Monday-Monday