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No Data Caps or Contracts on Any Internet Package!

We Offer Point to Multi-point Broadband Services for Rural Permian Basin Areas, including Gardendale, Greenwood, Midland, Odessa, and Crane.

Whether you’re new to the area, or a native West Texan, you’ve come to the right place for internet services.


10mb download X 2mb upload
Ideal for 1-2 devices
Web browsing, checking email, light streaming

$69.00 a month + tax


15mb download X 2mb upload
Ideal for 3-4 devices
Web browsing, checking emails. Moderate streaming

$99.00 a month + tax


20mb download X 5mb upload
Ideal for 4-5 devices
Web browsing, checking emails. Streaming, video games, and security systems.

$129.00 a month + tax

• Lower packages available upon request for camera system only
• Higher speeds available upon request for qualifying areas.
All speed packages are not guaranteed

Ask about our discounts offered on
internet packages.

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